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Mike Gibson
Freelance Xojo Developer

I have 15+ years of professional programming experience in Xojo and its predecessor RealBasic. During that time I have created many highly rated commercial applications which were released to app stores, as well as enterprise and business-to-business software.

In my opinion, Xojo is the best programming environment for cross-platform Windows, Mac, iOS and Android software. The ability to reuse code between all platforms is unmatched and drastically cuts development time. I have never encountered a programming problem that could not be met by Xojo, its large collection of plugins, and its community-created modules.

I love programming in Xojo and am looking forward to working with you on your project!
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Why hire me for freelance Xojo work?

As a freelancer I am highly motivated to produce quality work, quickly, and make myself availble for future improvements. You save money and hassle by avoiding the costs of an employee, such as health insurance, training and vacation.

While I work you will have access to my detailed timesheet and Xojo code updates via Git or Dropbox. You will have full copyright to the software, including all programming and compiled applications.
Current Rate

First-time client discount: 25%
As a first-time client you will receive a 20% discount on your first Xojo project for up to 100 hours. Contact me today for a free estimate.

Xojo Code Sample

I have placed an in-depth, open-source Xojo code sample on GitHub. The purpose is the code is to generate random cat-themed art images in the background, view them, resize them, and save them as PNG or PDF files. It includes advanced techniques like reusable classes, threading, container controls, graphics manipulation and delegates.

Once on GitHub, press the green Code button to download.

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About Me

In 2003 I created Rebrand Software, LLC, to provide software solutions to businesses and individuals. I originally developed applications which companies could "rebrand" with their own name and graphics. These days I focus on using my development skills to help my customers turn their ideas into successful apps.

I now have over 20 years of experience in every aspect of software development and a multitude of programming languages. I have produced many successful apps for other businesses and personally published over 30 apps on all major app stores.

In addition to my work I am happily married and raising two beautiful girls. We enjoy rock climbing, playing intricate board games and geocaching. I'm an advocate for science, reason, and animal welfare.
Picture of me with my daughter in the mountains
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Please contact me any time using this form, email, or text. Form submissions go straight to my inbox with a priority flag.